Swiss Human Rights Abuse

Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/29/2015 - 23:33

Here I list various shameful acts of human rights abuses carried out by the Swiss.

The Swiss being a bunch of puritans, holier-than-thou and above any reproach what-so-ever like to pretend they are merely following "procedure" and "applying the law". The whole legal system -- your lawyer, prosecutors, police and judges -- collude to deny justice to innocent victims.

Most people crack up under the pressure and failure to accept the fact it is a big conspiracy.

One woman didn't, when they deported her and kept her baby girl, who was not even a Swiss national. After fighting two years, she got her daughter back, but the people who did this to her kept their jobs and were not sanctioned in any way. Read about her story here, (Swiss Steal Children on the mernu to the left)  with links to original press articles.

You can also read about the policeman found with child porn, who was not investigated, then ten years later his 7 year old victims (he abused 18 little boys) grew up and he finally went to jail, but only 6 months per little boy abused. Shocking, sickening child sexual abuse by a Swiss policeman, who was in a position of trust, and unassailable.

Just remember, after the Swiss prosecutor said I was innocent and it was all a big mistake on May 23 2015, the police started harassing my partner, and interrogating her without a lawyer about my case, and regarding my precise whereabouts. Discontent with me having "gotten away" they were determined to locate me and provoke an incident. I say this because all communications were to go through my lawyer, yet they repeatedly sought me out "on the street".

Why would they do that unless it was to stage a scenario in order to rearrest me, and make me have an accident while in police custody?