Swiss Police Routinely Torture Suspects

I started this website after a horrendous and completely unbelievable experience with the Swiss judicial system. I never imagined in my worst nightmare that any human being could behave in such a wilfully sadistic, cruel and savage way as the Swiss police.

After reporting a depressed friend's suicide, Swiss police concealed the suicide note, ignored my alibi, tortured me to confess to #AmandaKnox style sex murder then when they realised I wouldn't crack, launched a vendetta against our family.

Swiss police and prosecutor protected a serial rapist and lawyer brother (with a criminal record for assaulting a policeman) who we had been called as state's witness against in a case of assault and robbery, while they reported us to child protection three times. The Swiss then tried to take our baby so we fled to Australia.

Switzerland is so corrupt, Swiss so unbelievably racist, my own lawyer colluded with the prosecutor in evidence tampering.

I chose to come to Switzerland, despite it's extremely high cost of living, because I thought it was a safe country.

I was sorely mistaken; had I known what utter savagery awaited me in the Swiss Alps, I would never have come. I want the whole world to know that the image Switzerland likes to portray is a facade; it's not merely a case of being isolationalist, or even nationalist, they truly hate foreigners in the sense they think foreigners are sub-human.

Before coming here, know that if you have an encounter with the police, they will use extreme interrogation techniques on you, they will torture and humiliate you and probably take a lot of sadistic pleasure from doing so.

No lawyer will dare to defend you, they are like pigs feeding in the trough of the fascist legal system; they will bill you but laugh in your face if you complain of mistreatment. My lawyer said, after I had been denied drinking water and access to the bathroom for 9 hours "They are allowed to do whatever they want to you -- you should sign the forms they ask, let them take photos of your penis, give a DNA sample, give up all your rights and cooperate; then maybe they will let you go to the toilet BUT that is not guaranteed"


"When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree."

-- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), British playwright

The police can hold you for 48 hours with no proof just because they feel like it, and they will certainly threaten violence if you don't submit to their every request, even if said requests are illegal.

So, if you like to ski in Verbier, perhaps it's worth considering Chamonix or Courmayeur instead, because unlike Swiss police, French and Italian police don't have the kind of powers that lend themselves to such shameful abuse. In France, you have to be brought before a judge, they cannot just throw you in prison.

Not only that, the French are far more Anglo-friendly than you could possibly imagine. Years ago Australia rescued a French yachtsman off our southern coast. The French, dastardly as they are wanton to be, responded by waiving all visa requirements for Australian nationals; as a Schengen state, this resulted in visa free entry to most of Europe for my compatriots in Australia. We are presently enjoying unprecedented access to Europe thanks to the Australian attitude of "a fair go" and being a "good bloke" in saving that Frenchman adrift in antartica. It's what any decent human being would have done. The French, imperfect as they may be (they are no angels) recognised this and expressed it at the highest diplomatic level.

The Swiss think that are the master race. I have heard the most incredible, unbelievable statements from their elected officials. the policeman who tortured me, mentioned two things that stayed with me:

1) His sister lives in Perth

2) I was a filthy foreigner who should leave his country.

So we arrive at the master race ideal : As a Swiss national, he is allowed to come to Australia; as a gay Australian (allegedly) I should not pollute his country.

These people are not humans, they are demons to whom the devil himself lent a soul; we must remove them from our country.

We are not ourselves -- Jean-Paul Sartre