Swiss Police Brutality: Violent Xenophobic Racism

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/24/2016 - 06:40

I've more than vented my spleen on Facebook over the past year during my horrifying ordeal at the hands of the Swiss Gestapo. I figured people have a right to know about Swiss racism, moral superiority, sexual perversion disguised by puritanism, and everything that's true about the bloody Swiss which they pretend isn't.

Especially for anyone contemplating a Swiss holiday. Please don't. I have never in all my travels seen a society so rabidly racist, yet keep it hidden so well. You see their cruelty is hidden behind rules (like the NAZIS did). They are just following the rules. Rules which are never applied to Swiss people and are used to persecute foreigners.

My nightmarish ordeal occurred in the canton of Valais, home of swanky ski resorts such as Saas-Fee, Zermatt, Crans-Montana and Verbier. Go to Italy or France instead. They are not racist like the sadistic cruel Swiss. Just avoid tourism in Switzerland in general. When those evil bastards failed to torture me to confess to murder, they tried to take our 12 month infant daughter away. How sadistic and cruel is that?

In fact, the Swiss are nothing like their image, they are so flipping racist, they don't even understand they are racist. I mean, most Swiss express the view that "foreigners" are somehow "inferior".

Case in point, that lovely statistic of 72% of prisoners in Swiss prisons are foreign. They brush that of casually with "Swiss are not criminal, foreigners are the criminals". Wow. Now remember, many of those so-called foreigners were born and educated in Switzerland. In Australia, they would be rightly called "Australians" yet in Switzerland they are "foreign". So, it starts to look like Apartheid South Africa, there is this underclass of people living in Switzerland who are systematically abused by the whole Swiss system, from judge, to prosecutor and police.

Why would I assert such a crazy idea?

During my torture session, the police continued to insist by third or fourth generation Swiss girlfriend "wasn't 'REALLY' Swiss" and only certain people could ever be Swiss and it was because of their name.

So, back to that 72% foreign prison population. How many were Swiss born and educated? Because it sounds to me like they are suggesting "Swiss DNA is superior and criminality is in 'foreign DNA'" -- WHICH SOUNDS A LOT LIKE THE BLOODY NAZIS