Imperfect Justice: Looted Assets, Slave Labor, World War II

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I am sorry if I hurt some feelings. But I would like people to focus on the book because it states a fundamental reality — that the Swiss national bank was the main repository of looted Nazi gold used to sustain the German war effort and did not change this attitude despite repeated warning from the Allies.

-- Stuart Eizenstat
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Think of this book as one-stop shopping to learn about the Holocaust restitution negotiations of the late 1990s...Whether writing about the most well-publicized of these negotiations—the German slave labor agreement or the "Swiss gold" affair, which eventually led to a $1.25-billion settlement—or some of the lesser-known accords, Eizenstat tells his story with flair and with due regard for the role of politics

I highly recommend reading this book. It shows the Swiss love Nazi gold (looted from Jews) and chocolate as much as the British love salt and vinegar on their chips.

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Imperfect Justice by Stuart Eizenstat
Imperfect Justice