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Seriously What Theatre the Swiss Police and Prosecutor Act Out

Don Frederic Gisler
Don Frederic Gisler

Procureur Frederic Gisler


Either Doctor Frederic Gisler has no idea what his own book is about and his book is in actual fact a load of nonsense he made up in a vain attempt to sound intellectually more clever than he actually is; or he intentionally obstructed justice, concealed and destroyed evidence in his own murder case, in an attempt to make a trumped up murder charge "stick" to an innocent man who reported a suicide.

That innocent man was me, and I have a bone to pick with "Doctor" Frederic Gisler.

The title "Don" would be more appropriate for Frederic Gisler, because his tactics are more akin to mafiosa than proper law enforcement investigative procedures, such as those he outlines in his book.

Perhaps Don Frederic Gisler hired a ghost writer?
Are Doctorates from the University of Fribourg worth the paper they are printed on?
It would appear to be a fair enough question.

Fabien Fontannaz
Inspector Fabien Fontannaz

Inspecteur Fabien Fontannaz


This guy really wanted to see my cock and balls. I mean so badly, instead of sending me to hospital for a medical, he insisted I allow him to inspect my dick personally or he'd "waterboard" me. As flattered as I am by the attention, sorry dude I'm not really into dudes, no matter how big your gun is. Wanting to then photograph my dick seemed a little scary and completely creepy after I refused consent to be fondled, but, as many women know, sadly some men can't take "no" for an answer! You hear me feminists? Men get sexually assaulted too!


Interior Minister Pierre Maudet (Geneva)


A Geneva police friend of my partner repeatedly tried to contact us. Pierre Maudet is his boss, and the opposite number of Oskar Freysinger who is the Interior Minister in Valais. Of course, to the Swiss, it's all a big coincidence, accident, unfortunate incident BUT -- now they are tearing my family apart, they have to finish the job -- they have to follow the rule book. JUST LIKE THE NAZIS DID. Remember Pierre, the Allies hung the NAZIS at Nuremburg.


Unnamed Policeman

A police officer in Geneva, which means Pierre Maudet is his ultimate boss, and personal friend of my partner. He certainly had to know about my situation.

He contacted my partner every other year, he was her contact in the police force. He had sent two messages already in 2015, which was more than usual, borderline suspicious; until late February 2016 he also contacted my partner asking where she was and when she would next be back in Valais.

When they failed to locate me, Frederic Gisler issued me a summons on 4th March, a week after the above people tried and failed to locate me.

In June 2016 public prosecutor Frederic Gisler wrote to my lawyer asking him to rat me out, and tell him when I would be back in Switzerland.

On October 21, the unnamed policeman sent another message to my partner, the same day Frederic Gisler wrote to my lawyer, again summoning me.

If you've got Swiss friends, they have no honour, and they will leverage a personal relationship for their own selfish gain. Remember the Swiss were harassing us and trying to take our baby girl away.

With Swiss friends you've more than enough enemies!

Technical Exports
Swiss Technical Experts

Inspecteur Corentin Fostier -- "PC Experts"


Read their page. It's entertaining, and you may learn something! My dear mother often said "Experts are only drips under pressure!" and with these guys, that was indeed the case. I get it now, in Switzerland they don't know how to investigate, they just kick seven shades of sh1te out of you until you confess. Problem is, someone who really has the stomach to commit murder won't be perturbed or cracked by a beating, sexual humiliation, or anything else for that matter.


Valais Cantonal Police

A bunch of goons who show up, pretend not to see the flipping dead body, try to leave while I am pointing at my deceased friend's body. Then then proceed to say "eBay is dead, we buy everything on AliExpress now". Wow what happened to buying Swiss?

Oh yeah, and while I was being questioned downstairs, the Cantonal Police cracked a lot of jokes while standing around Oscar's dead body in the attic; I couldn't hear the exact jokes, but I head the waves of raucous laughter and it sickened me. Maybe they were saying "Hey we're gonna frame this guy good and proper for murder lads!". Who knows?

I was still in shock, and I was somehow hoping that any minute my friend would wake up from a "coma" and that he wasn't really dead.


Procureur Catherine de Roten

She was elected public prosecutor (procureur general) in Valais on the same day as Frederic Gisler (above).

I knew her, she was part of an extended group of friends who I knew through a guy called Vuthiny Boun who I worked with at Barclays Wealth in 2009. We had met socially at various events in Valais.

Procureur Catherine Seppey
Catherine Seppey

Procureur Catherine Seppey (Mobile: +41 79.444.2570)

An old friend of my partner, I never got the feeling she liked me much. Being "friends" with my partner, we attended her 40th birthday party. Obviously there were loads of police and other public prosecutors there. My partner tells me that she constantly warned her against trusting me and even tried to convince her to have my parental authority taken away -- just in case. If your partner tried to do that, you'd leave them right? I think that goes a long way to explaining malicious intent on her behalf against me. She never came to visit our baby girl, didn't even send a single message after her birth, until after I was in prison. Then, someone called "CatSepp" in my partner's phone directory sent a chilling birthday greeting to my partner, saying "Happy birthday, have a great day with your daughter". It's the only message she ever sent. That's creepy, she knew me, knew I was the father, knew I had been framed for murder, but yet in her birthday greeting "left me out of the picture". I cannot be sure it's the same person, but whoever sent that message, had to know.

Text Message from someone called CatSep in phone directory

This is conjecture, but come on, it doesn't smell right does it?

Anyway, apparently Catherine Seppey didn't like the fact I was separated and divorcing.

I once heard a story, and I don't know if it's really true, about someone called Catherine breaking up the marriage of her secretary, who also had children, and moving in with the secretary's ex-husband. It's a pretty cold heart that steals your employees partner, because you just tore their life up: they lose their job, their partner, and they are then alone with children unemployed. Yeah anyone who does that has to be psycho-pathological. But like I said, I don't know who did that, I just heard is was someone called Catherine .

Like I said, thee Swiss people are pretty cruel; they seem to enjoy torturing and tormenting people; and the people with absolute power run around doing stuff like that.


Docteur Bettina Schrag

This is the doctor, who allowed the police to be present at my medical exam. They should not have been allowed.
Chillingly she read a script when I entered the room, stating that all my usual rights had been suspended; that the hippocratic oath had been suspended as I was in police custody, and she was no longer acting as a doctor, but under instruction of the police.
Doctor Bettina Schrag allowed the police to take away all my clothing and leave me standing completely naked in a room at 16*C, for a prolonged period.
She also allowed them to take my life saving medication, my Ventolin inhaler, I am asthmatic and I need that to breath, particularly in the cold.

Swiss hospitals are therefore not really "hospitals" but "police stations" and are thus legitimate targets in times of war.
You cannot have it bot ways.

Maitre Fumeaux

If you've seen "The Muppet Show", you know this guy. Pick a Muppet, any Muppet, but it's still a puppet. Called to testify as a witness on my behalf against the police for human rights abuse, Maitre Johann Fumeaux invoked absolute legal privilege and refused to answer any questions.

As the duty lawyer, he is chosen by the police to represent foreign nationals they are violently abusing the rights of. I imagine he's paid fairly well for essentially doing absolutely nothing.

Maitre Pierre-Andre Veuthey (  | )

Utterly failed to defend me. After not lifting a finger for the first 72 hours of accepting the mandate, I asked him to resign, and he refused. If he resigned, my legal insurer would not penalise me for changing lawyers twice. I fired his ass, copped the financial hit, then he wrote a childish letter to say I was incoherent and he was going to resign if I hadn't fired him first.

I thought lawyers were supposed to be adults?

So anyway, I disputed his bill because he didn't do his job properly. He refused to negotiate and instead took me to court.

The hearing was supposed to be 12 July, 2016 but it was postponed just a few hours before the hearing because...

He failed to file the paperwork correctly! Isn't that ironic!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

The Swiss are so corrupt, they only know how to do corruption.

If they actually have to do their job, they're LOST!

Honestly you couldn't make this stuff up.



Maitre Amadine Francey (

If you want someone to laugh at you after you say you've been tortured by the police, go talk to Maitre Amadine Francey.

She thought it was hilarious that I was tortured and sexually abused. She said "Hahaha! It's kinda their job to do that! HAHA!". I had the sickening feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that she was getting off in a sexual way at the thought of me being tortured. The jury is still out, but I am beginning to suspect the Swiss have an ingrained sadistic sexual depravity. Certainly the Swiss in the Canton of Valais.


Police Commissioner Christian Varone

This guy is the police commissioner, and to complete the story of corruption, is a loved son of Valais, much like Sepp Blatter. Like Sepp, he's suspected of criminality. Well, also convicted in Turkey for theft of religious artefacts, but why let a mere detail like theft or smuggling get in the way of being chief of police?

Oskar Freysinger
Oskar Freysinger

Interior Minister Oskar Freysinger (Valais)

I don't know if this is a man or a woman; I asked where "its" balls were and it has yet to reply;

Dear Interior Minister Oskar Freysinger, if you are TRANS I sincerely apologise, I didn't know.

Honestly, we were not hosting huge gay sadomasochistic parties. It's all a misunderstanding; please don't be angry with me, it wasn't a snub. Please be assured that if I ever host such a party, you will be top of the invite list, a veritable VIP.

Are we good?


Child Protection -- A.K.A. Filthy child abductors

Now these retards are special. We are summoned to interview, under threat of having our daughter taken away.

We arrive, and the woman says "Well, your daughter looks happy, she's clearly not being mistreated... but we HAVE TO INVESTIGATE"

I freeze because that's what the Valais police said before they tortured and sexually humiliated me.

I explain that we were reported by a man, whom my partner is a witness against in a criminal assault case.

She replied "Well, we couldn't know about that, that's a police matter".

I insist "We will grant you access to the file. We are being attacked by a violent criminal who is trying to make my partner drop her testimony. Except the public prosecutor threatened to throw her in prison if she didn't testify"

This spineless woman, who sounds a lot like a NAZI, said "I cannot take that into consideration. It doesn't matter who reported you. We have to investigate".


Procureur Marie-Line Voirol Revaz

The public prosecutor in the aforementioned aggravated assault case, having compelled my partner to testify, then turning the tables on her and accusing her of lying...allowing the accused to report us to child protection, then did something utterly inexplicable : she pressured the VICTIM TO WITHDRAW HIS COMPLAINT. Victim refused, and we are off for another round of "conciliation" on 27 June 2017.

After being falsely reported to child protection, we filed suit, Maitre Michael Aymon counter-sued for "defamation", and we received a back-dated summons to appear regarding this matter in September 2015. After all that, another hearing took place with the prosecutor in April 2017.

Two things to take away:

ONE: Swiss police lock up foreigners for sport; there is zero burder of proof.
TWO: They take their sweet time sorting out the mess they create inflicting massive damage on the lives of innocents, like NAZI Concentration Camp guards, the Swss police just "follow the rules".

How corrupt is Switzerland? It's FIFA, Sepp Blatter scale corrupt! Corruption doesn't occur in a vacuum. It needs a fertile environment to prosper.


Gregory MARTINETTI, Le Juge de Commune de Martigny (tel: +41.27.721.28.50)

Judge Gregory Martinetti in a communal judge, called upon by Maitre Pierre-Andre Veuthey and Maitre Amadine Francey to arbitrate in a dispute over a bill. He issued a summons to my previous address, after I had already left the country, and announced my departure to the authorities (that would be him).

Perhaps he's just incompetent like the rest of the inhabitants of Switzerland, or grotesquely stupid, but it's illegal to summon someone when you know they are not there. It's also generally accepted as foul play to issue a summons, which is as I am sure you are aware, a legal document, to some other third party and consider it delivered.

I could go on and say, that since I had already requested arbitration, using a lawyer by the name of Maitre Jonathan Luethi, that sending a summons to my previous address, allowing someone else to sign for it, and trying to stage a kangaroo court in absentia, makes the Swiss legal system into a joke.

The Judge knows the summons goes to my attorney. I guess it slipped him mind right?


Mme Veronyc Mettaz, Juge de Commune a Fully (communal Judge in Fully)

This woman was given my house keys on the 20th of May 2015. She subsequently sent an invitation to the memorial service for my deceased friend, to my lawyer Maitre Philippe Loretan. She made no mention of having my house keys!


Banque Cantonale de Valais --

Swiss Cantonal Banks Work for the Government
Dear reader, if you bank with a cantonal bank, they are cowboys
They are in fact agents of the state, and will freeze your money on a whim. I mean, not officially FREEZE, but just tie you in knots with paperwork and bureaucracy
Banque Cantonal de Valais refuses to give me my money.
So, I called UBS in Geneva. They said "Ok, no problem, we will write to them to initiate the transfer of your money to us. They cannot refuse that."





Maitre Pierre Bayenet

I found Maitre Bayenet through Amnesty International.

Did you hear that? I was so desperate, so utterly disillusioned by the duplicity, lies, subterfuge, corruption and arrogance of Swiss lawyers in Valais, that I called Amnesty.

Maitre Pierre Bayenet is not perfect, we have disagreed strongly at times; he is a man of honour and integrity, who acts with what I regard to be a great deal of humility, something I have found sadly lacking in almost every other Swiss lawyer I spoke to.

If you are fighting the police, even if he's not your only hope, he's certainly your best bet.

When this is all over, I'll be putting Maitre Pierre Bayenet forward for the Order of Australia, because the way I see it, he and his family are the only bloody Swiss we should let into the country.

The rest of the Swiss should be rightly regarded as a "fifth column" here to subvert our democracy, and expelled forthwith.