Trial and Tribulation

Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/28/2016 - 06:16

When the Swiss arrested me in April 2015, I was at a critical point in my MBA, and I was starting a new work contract.
Between April and finishing my MBA in October, I had three deliverables.
As each deliverable came up, I went through a difficult decision process: continue my MBA, and potentially wear myself out, rendering myself unable to properly defend myself;
I had to constantly re-evaluate not only if I could fulfil the requirements of the current challenge; but if, after I had done so, I would have enough energy remaining to complete the remaining hurdles.
It's completely pointless to finish an MBA 99%. I had something like a dissertation at the end; an "end of module assessment"-- irrespective of my previous scores, I needed to pass this component.
Additionally, of the remaining two deliverables, one had a minimum score requirement.
So effectively I had to pass through two knock-out phases, as my last two deliverables. I was concerned I would collapse literally just before the finish line. Indeed I nearly did.
Each time I made the evaluation, I came close, but did not quit.
I wrote letters to my university, I enlisted every bit of assistance I could; I got extensions -- anything -- to improve my odds.
Having made it through all that, I'm getting quite good at calculating my chances of success.
I think by now I'm through the worst of all of this.
The Swiss can drag my case out, but they can never win.
In the case file their own documents incriminate them for sleep deprivation. Their actions prove their guilt.
I know I have the energy to win this fight.
What I fail to understand, is something I thought the very night I was arrested.
"You know I am innocent; you are going to torture me; I will resist and you will fail, and you must know this. Yet, you hope to break my spirit by showing me, you will put me through hell if I don't yield. BUT what does it all achieve? Misery for everyone."
I've had my misery : now I demand these filthy animals suffer through theirs.