Swiss Puritans Are Your Moral Surperior

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In order to understand why 72% of criminals in Swiss prisons are foreigners, one must understand the Swiss psyche.

Firstly, consider the fact that the Swiss are puritanical in a nationalistic sense; they believe that the Swiss are morally, ethically, and in every way superior to "non-Swiss". In most cases this sense of moral superiority is so ingrained they don't even realise how racist they are; theirs is a self-righteous superiority.

Now, with such as attitude, it's easy to see how the Swiss could then come to see those people who are not Swiss as somehow lesser human beings, dehumanise them and treat them in an appalling fashion.

Which brings me to the fact that 72% of the prison population in Switzerland are foreign nationals. In the UK, a melting pot of multi-culturalism that figure is 11%. Read more about this official statistic published by the Swiss federal authorities here and a breakdown of figures and comparison with the UK here.

If you need further proof of this institutionally ingrained xenophobia and racism, read about the Swiss Federal Judge who said the police calling foreigners "filthy pigs" isn't racist. The story was first published on the Guardian website, its at the end of my article here about how Swiss Police Chief Christian Varone is a convicted felon, NAZI salutes are considered personal statements, and a policeman raped 18 little boys during a ten year spree, and despite being caught with child pornography on his police laptop, was not investigated.

In my own case the police insisted my fourth generation Swiss born, white, catholic partner wasn't really Swiss because she didn't have the right name. Read details about that blatant racism here.

Glen Greenwald wrote an excellent piece on puritanism here, from which I would like to highlight the following text and the three points therein :

Busybodies sitting in judgment of and righteously condemning the private, sexual acts of other adults remains one of the most self-satisfying and entertaining — and thus most popular — public spectacles. It simultaneously uplifts the moral judges (I am superior to that which I condemn), distracts them from their own behaviors (I am focused on those other people’s sins, and thus not my own), and titillates (To condemn this, I simply must immerse myself in the tawdry details of their sexual acts).

Titillation : To condemn this, I simply must immerse myself in the tawrdy details of their sexual acts

Looking through the prism of my case, where the Swiss police IMMEDIATELY jumped to the conclusion I killed my depressed friend during a homosexual sado-masochistic violent abusive sex game, it would appear that it is the Swiss police who harbour homo-erotic fantasies of a violent, sadistic nature. They projected their fantasies onto me in order to immerse themselves in their fantasies and live them out, flirting with all the sick sick possibilities their little pea brains could imagine, amongst their male police colleagues, whilst pretending "Of course we'd never do that".

Now consider they stripped me naked for a forced medical not in a hospital, but at the police station in front of a room full of people. They even brought in a woman to take swab samples from my penis to increase the humiliation. When this nurse said there we no visible signs of "rough sex", the police still wanted to take photos. Why? They said it was to be able "to show the judge that there were no visible marks or lacerations on my genitals; to prove my innocence" but it only disproved their theory of sex game murder. How could a photo of my penis prove my innocence? Even if it did, why threaten me with waterboarding if I failed to comply? No, it was part of their sadistic sado-masochistic role play fantasy. It's all so sickening and depraved. Read that sory here.

Swiss police make up all kinds of depraved scenarios in order to immerase themselves in their fantasies and live them out by sexually humiliating some poor innocent person.

This page is a work in progress, I'll come back to it, but I had to start somewhere, to somehow explain why the whole system in Switzerland is the way it is, why police, prosecutors, judges, lawyers -- everyone -- is institutionally racist and intrinsically treats non-Swiss people as second class human beings, or worse.

I know that's a hard sell, it's difficult to believe.

The nearest parallel I can come up with is Islamic State (IS), also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Islamic State consider non-muslims (unbelievers ) to be lower on the evolutionary scale than goats. they condone the brutal enslavement, rape, torture and murder of non-muslims as a sadistic "punishment" for not believing in what IS believe to be the one true god.

The Swiss are Islamic State "lite". They have the same sense of superiority that Islamic State do, but it's not based upon religion, and they know they cannot allow people in the civilised world to realise it. So they collude to torture foreigners, then deny it.

The French Vice Consul in Geneva, by telephone June 2015

There is a new case every week of a Frenchman being mistreated by the Geneva police. Last week a man claimed he was beaten. Yes, a doctor was able to say that he was black and blue with bruises. Five Geneva police claimed this man beat himself up in order frame them and file a false complaint of police brutality

A Swiss Judge, Gregory Martinetti, threatened me with criminal charges if I did not immediately take down this website; however when I asked for a copy of that threat in writing, my own lawyer resigned and also threatened me with criminal charges. I had to sue my lawyer, using my Amnesty International lawyer Maitre Pierre Bayenet ( to get a copy of the letter from the judge. You can read that story here.

So, whilst many of my claims and assertions may seem as though they are a little far fetched, for many of them I have documentary evidence that they did indeed occur.

Don't do business in Switzerland, they will cheat you blind if they feel like it one day, and you will lost everything whilst they tie you in legal knots for a decade. At best, ten years later, you'll be back where you started.

I've never seen anything like this outside of China, North Korea, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia; totalitarian states where human rights are more like human privileges that can be revoked at any moment.

Suddenly my partner was under attack, and the Swiss authorities tried to take our 9 month old baby girl away.

Which brings me to another point: after torturing me, seizing my clothes, house, computers, tablets, mobile phones: everything I owned, for several months:

Suddenly my partner was under attack, and the Swiss authorities tried to take our 9 month old baby girl away.

In a  country where a policeman found with child pornography on his police laptop is not investigated, and goes on to rape 18 little boys as young as 7 years old, only put on trial when his little victims grew up and were able to fight for themselves, having the state seek to take your children becomes even more sinister. Read bout the paedophile policeman here.

My partner was back in front of the prosecutor regarding that matter in June 2017, more than two years after the Swiss said I was innocent verbally, yet kept up their relentless attack.

I really want the whole world to know, the Swiss are utterly evil, depraved sadistic monsters who are a blight upon humanity.

To hurt a little baby girl, to take her parents away and orphan her, you have to evil. It's a typical tactic of the Swiss, read how the former head of the justice department Oskar Freysinger deported a single mother and kept her baby girl here.