Sadomasochistic Tendencies

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Swiss police accused me, a slim man of 74kg, of sodomising to death a 120kg steroid taking body building ball of muscle martial arts fanatic in a #BDSM / #SM style sex game.

Inspectior Fabien Fontannaz, who quite vividly illustrated his hatred for LGBT people by referring to the Sydney Mardi Gras, really has quite a twisted imagination.

He was so excited by the prospect of immersing himself in a homosexual sadomasochistic murder, that I was left wondering if it wasn't one of his own personal fantasies.

During our discussions he let slip he has a sister living a couple of hours north of Perth, somewhere remote, although when he recovered himself, he tried to cover up her location by adding "...well, she WAS in Perth, she moved to Darwin" in a blatantly obvious attempt to disguise her true whereabouts. People of Western Australia, beware, a Swiss woman going by the name of Fontannaz has a brother who visits her, but hates our beautiful country Australia for our values and decency.

I don't think Procureur Frederic Gisler thinks much of Australia either, judging by the appalling way he spoke down to me. I repeatedly asked for an interpreter and a lawyer but was denied for over 9 hours. The Swiss are puritanical savages to a man, pretend as they will otherwise, but I digress...

Oscar logged our bike rides using an Android App. Some of our last rides were 60km. He was clearly extremely fit at 120kg, he wasn't some big obese couch potato.

At first I thought such patently absurd conjecture was a result of Swiss inbreeding and mental retardation, then I realised that was not the sole cause: it is also racism compounded by projection of their own sick and sexually depraved urges.

Having said that though, if the roles were reversed, one could be forgiven for such a wild imagination.‚Äč Oscar was big guy who could easily subdue someone my size and move the body with ease.

When I said I was a Quentin Tarantino fan, but I just didn't appreciate "Kill Bill" -- he forced me to sit down and watch it with him, while he explained it was a huge nod to the classic martial arts films, particularly Kung Fu; this guy was such a martial arts aficionado he paused the film every 5 minutes to explain the huge catalogue of these references.

Inspector Fabien Fontannaz, under direction of Public Prosecutor Frederic Gisler -- himself a Doctor of Laws from Fribourg University in Switzerland -- questioned my partner TWICE, once for 30 minutes at the scene, then again at 8am the next day while she cradled our 9 month old daughter in her arms. The sole and unique focus of that questioning was my sexuality. Fontannaz told her they had films of huge gay sadomasochistic sex orgies taking place in my attic, that Oscar was in the films, and they thought I was too. She was told they found heavy duty bondage gear in my house, whips, chains; stuff straight out of a medieval dungeon. /p>

The Swiss police told my partner all of those lies to convince her to retract her statement that she was with me, destroying my alibi, so they could continue to hold me.

The Swiss police told my partner all of those lies to convince her to retract her statement that she was with me, destroying my alibi, so they could continue to hold me.

Bear in mind, Fontannaz attempted to delete Oscar's suicide text message from my mobile phone, right in front of me, prompting me to lock the phone and demand a lawyer.
I didn't find out for 6 months if the Swiss police recovered that text message where Oscar said he took a massive overdose and tried to hang himself.

If they destroyed my alibi, they surely planned to make sure that text message never appeared in the file either.

Bear in mind the films never existed, no such heavy torture equipment was present; the Swiss police and prosecutor simply made it all up.

They argue they have to account for every possible scenario yet they came up with some pretty precise descriptions of depraved sadistic homosexual behaviour, leaving the impression that the Swiss police harbor latent homosexual sadomasochistic tendencies and live them out torturing poor innocent foreigners, 72% of which make up the Swiss prison population.

Just ask yourself, which other country has over 70% of it's prison population made up of foreigners?

Oh, I forgot to add, 95% of those are tourists.