So Racist: Swiss Police Say Some Swiss Ain't "Real" Swiss

Submitted by admin on Sat, 06/11/2016 - 08:59

Swiss police framed me for murder

Tortured and sexually humiliated me

They had no evidence, so they had to let me go

But they kept my house and computers for months

Harassed my partner, said she wasn't a "REAL SWISS"


Not that any of those things should matter to anyone but a filthy racist;

Then they tried to take our child

All the while pretending it was just a "misunderstanding"

Saying "justice is slow in Switzerland"

You sick perverted racists

The Swiss are a bunch of Terrorists.

They share an ideology with ISIS : jail or kill anyone we don't like

Lets bomb the living daylights out of the Swiss

Send them back to the stone age

Teach them some humility

Stop them terrorising innocent people they don't like

Stop them raping children, because their police love raping children, and they hardly get investigated

When a Swiss paedophile policeman was convicted of raping 18 boys as young as 7 years old, he got SIX MONTHS in prison per offence.

What more proof do you need that these people need to be put on trial for crimes against humanity and the guilty executed?