Technopole / The Ark

Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/21/2017 - 12:22

I have been in IT for 20+ years, I did an MBA and I moved to Valais to be near Technopole to launch my startup. An utter disaster.

I went to #Valais, #Switzerland hoping to benefit from #TechnoArk at #Technopole, however, my startup was destroyed when I was #FramedForMurder by the #Swiss police, who seized my house, all my computers, even the clothes off my back -- FOR MONTHS -- and refused to even give me a copy of my hard drives to sadistically wreck my business.

Two years later in reply to my criminal complaint, they absurdly claim "they did not realise failure to provide a copy of my servers would result in financial loss, and if I had proved such financial loss (whilst in jail mind you) would occur they would have given me a copy".

Let that sink in: they frame you, torture you 24 hours, no water, no toilet, no lawyer, no translator, no consular access, three forced medicals, forced naked photos and close ups of your genitals to "prove your innocence"; sleep deprivation, threats of waterboarding. Just read the rest of this site to see what they did, and how no lawyer even batted an eyelid, whilst sending me huge bills and collaborating with the prosecutor to prevent me making the slightest complaint. I went through four lawyers before I used Amnesty's lawyer to file my complaint.

They kept all my clothes too, but after being tortured and sexually humiliated, I didn't feel like going outside anyway.

On the one hand, police in Valais are corrupt, sadistic and racist. 72% of criminals are "foreign" which suggests they must be targeting foreigners. Torture is not criminalised and I can tell you first hand, they torture foreign suspects. I was threatened with "waterboarding" unless I kept still whilst they photographed my penis with a huge SLR camera in the police station. The mind boggles, but, no lawyer would fight my case and after 6 months of sustained harassment during which they began proceedings to take our 8-month-old baby girl away, I went in desperation to Amnesty International who advised me "Valais is a banana republic -- flee the country they will all collude against you now" and I did.

On the other, the canton of Valais invested millions of Swiss Francs developing Technopole a technology park incorporating The Ark, an incubator "offering professional support to start-up companies"

The Swiss are not a naturally humorous bunch, so it could well be that the irony escapes them.

I've been fighting for two years because my depressed friend hung himself in my house. He had been suicidal for ten years and had made many attempts to kill himself. The police knew this, but, being sadistic perverts with no oversight, they figured I was ripe for some sexual humiliation and torture. Two years later I am still fighting, and I am pretty sure I'd be dead if I hadn't fled the country. They've tried several times to lure me back, despite saying in May 2015 it was all a big mistake. So, be warned, Switzerland looks attractive on the surface, people associate it with low taxes and easy company administration.

Let me tell you, if you work there with your startup, you get none of those benefits. They only apply if you work elsewhere, and merely pay Swiss taxes through a shell/holding company.

On top of that deception, the Swiss are racist, puritanical (ie they are better than any foreigner) and sadistic.

Their police are out of control.

My advice: don't make my mistake. I'm still living in hell, seeing a psychiatrist, suffering PTSD.