Swiss Paedophile Police

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An ex-policeman in Valais was accused of paedophilia in 2003, but the investigation found he had no case to answer, despite the fact he had visited numerous child porn sites.

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The Cantonal Police of Valais investigated, and through either incompetence, or the fact that Valais is corrupt and this ex-policeman was one of their own, they found that the accused had no case to answer. I have been unable to ascertain if this man was put through the ordeal of "forcing", although it appears not.

Now, more than ten years later, 18 children have come forward to claim being abused by this policeman while they were between the ages of 7 and 15. Faced with irrefutable evidence in the form of 18 now adult abuse victims coming forward, the prosecution had to go ahead.

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The defendent was found guilty on 17 counts and sentenced to an incredibly short 18 years, because that's the maximum penalty allowable. Paedophiles rejoice and go and holiday in Switzerland; maybe you can even find an opening in the police force and get paid to do your evil.

So, it would appear in Switzerland, the figure of "72% of criminals are foreigners" highlights the fact that Swiss police specifically target foreigners, then racially slur them and brainwash the Swiss into thinking "it's all the fault of the evil foreigners", in a not dissimiliar way to which Hitler vilified the Jews and painted them as the source of all of Germany's ills.

History continues to repeat itself in Switzerland, evil foreigner, be ye warned.

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