Swiss Criminal Police

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The Cantonal police in Valais are pretty special.

Not only did they insist they needed to take nude photographs of me, including close up photos of my penis to "prove your (my) innocence", torture me in various ways, refuse drinking water, an interpreter, access to the toilet and consular access but...

The Chief of Police in the canton of Valais, Christian Varone, was found guilty of stealing an archeological artefact while on holiday in Turkey.

You can read the story in English here :

Amazingly, after the theft conviction, his political party maintained him as their candidate in the elections that followed shortly therafter.

Swiss policeman in the Canton of Valais (Wallis) was found guilty on 18 counts of sexual abuse of boys as young as seven (7) years old (sic!) and sentenced to an incredibly short 10 years, because that's the maximum penalty allowable. Paedophiles rejoice and go and holiday in Switzerland; maybe you can even find an opening in the police force and get paid to do your evil.

The story is here (in French) :

Which brings me back to Switzerland, Swiss ethics, morality and the police. The Swiss didn't see anything wrong with what he did, and that could well be because he did it in a foreign land, where morality doesn't apply.

You see, the Swiss consider "foreigners" to be "dirty pigs" -- and you can read how a Swiss Federal judge says that's not racist here at the Guardian :

The Swiss also think a NAZI salute is a "personal statement" --


So, remember if you go there, they think you are at about the same level as say a goat; less than human and to be treated with all the disdain that entails.

Equally, if you meet someone Swiss in your country, remember how they treat foreigners in their land : like pigs.