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Lonely Planet: Swiss Police Guilty of Racism

Lonely Planet: Swiss Police Guilty of Racial Profiling
Lonely Planet: Swiss Police Guilty of Racial Profiling

Anyone who has lived and worked in Geneva knows about the Geneva Festival or "Fetes de Geneve".

Everybody else knows Switzerland is all about Nazi Gold and chocolate. The Geneva Festival is designed to provide an environment which is enticing for Private Banking customers from the Middle East to escape their blisteringly hot summer and cool down by the lake while they launder their ill-gotten gains. There is no denying that during the summer months, fancy cars with middle eastern license plates are double parked outside all the famous 5 star hotels.

Obviously the theory is, clients will choose Swiss banks rather than say Luxembourg because there is something entertaining for the family to do while they are seeing their banker. You see, in Islam banking is tricky with strict Sharia laws against "usury' so having your Swiss banker visit may arouse suspicion; but who doesn't love a good festival? It provides plausible deniability to the fiscal & sharia authorities back home.

If anyone asks, saying that their wife absolutely adores Swiss chocolate seems perfectly reasonable.

The thing is, the Swiss are racist. The Swiss hate these people, they just want to take their money.

And if the Swiss are racist, the Swiss police are sadistic, cruel, corrupt racists.

Now, that may not appear to be a problem on the surface, but let's just remember what the Swiss police did to Hannibal Gaddafi and his pregnant wife: threw them in jail, paraded them around in the media. Muammar Gaddafi was their ally; they had a joint venture in the form of Tamoil petrol stations all over Switzerland. You see, that was good business because Gaddafi was under UN sanctions so, the Swiss got the oil for cheap.

Yes he was a dictator, but the Swiss government still got into bed with him FOR MONEY.

The Swiss then double crossed Gaddafi, arresting his son. You don't do that to an ally. Nobody else arrested him, the French and the Brits just drove him back to his embassy and told him to go home. In any case, the charges were dropped and they let Hannibal Gaddafi go; which means there was no reason to jail him and jailing his pregnant wife was a pretty gratuitous, sadistic thing to do. They did it because he wasn't Swiss.

So when I now say: Swiss police are racist, they hate brown people and if they can find a reason to they will enjoy beating and torturing middle eastern people.

Even if they know you did nothing wrong. That's because they are racist.

Don't be fooled. Switzerland is racist and corrupt.

Just know that if something happens they will beat the crap out of you and no lawyer will defend you. It happened to me, and I had to call Amnesty because my Swiss lawyers, four of them, colluded with the police to cover it all up.

Are you really sure you want to give them your money?

Perhaps a bank in London is a better bet.

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