Maitre Michael Aymon

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Maitre Michael Aymon
Maitre Michael Aymon

Maitre Michael Aymon, Avocat/Lawyer in Martigny, Valais

tel: +41 27 722 97 90

My partner was called as state's witness against Michael Aymon in a case of aggravated assault and robbery which took place outside our front door on 27 December 2014. Subsequently, Michael Aymon reported us to the Child Protection Authority (APEA) not once but three times.

MIS-A-JOUR 13.11.2018: Maitre Michael Aymon : Accused of simple bodily harm, slander and attempted coercion in a neighbourhood conflict, a young Valais lawyer was sentenced this Tuesday (LeNouvelliste)

Go figure, this is Switzerland we are talking about, but the public prosecutor Marie-Line Voirol Revaz didn't see anything wrong with that, and in fact, somebody in the system (probably the police) leaked the child protection file to him repeatedly (which is obviously illegal) so every time they were about to wrap up the investigation, he reported us again to restart it. Maitre Michael Aymon is a lawyer and he used his official stationary with letterhead to write to the head of the child protective services. He even tried to inject himself into the child protection investigation itself, which is none of his business (and completely illegal); unless of course his business is to maliciously attack the family of a witness against him, Mafiosa style.

We left the country before they took our baby girl away, but it looked a lot like the police and prosecutor Marie-Line Voirol Revaz protected him while he attacked us, in order to discredit my partner and have her retract her witness testimony against Michael Aymon. You see, she was my alibi in the ongoing murder investigation (which is the subject of this website) being run by public prosecutor Frederic Gisler. In fact Frederic Gisler repeatedly sent back to the canton of Vaud another case against Michael Aymon at this time, where he was accused of some sort of criminal behaviour by his girlfriend's boss. The Vaud prosecutor wanted to group the cases together; Valais already had two cases open against him, why not add in Vaud's case? Frederic Gisler refused and the complainant eventually settled, allegedly due to unspecified threats against his family. Sound familiar?

Michael Aymon suggested if we retracted, so would he, which may have implied my partner being an unreliable witness. We didn't retract.

We ran for our lives out of jack-booted, fascist, NAZI Switzerland.

Ironically, because the Swiss justice system so loves irony, his brother was jailed in September 2017 on charges of rape. Four rapes to be precise, of girls under twenty years old, two allegedly seventeen and therefore underage. In December 2017 Michael Aymon was charged and jailed pending trial on a catalogue of charges ranging from coercion, obstruction of justice and assault to fraud and incitement to false testimony. He is accused of those crimes in relation to threats allegedly made against his brother's alleged rape victims, their families, friends and entourage.

You can read about Michael Aymon and his brother in a French language newspaper below:

08/12/2017 : Did this lawyer use intimidation tactics?

09/12/2017 : He Protected his brother accused of numerous sexual abuses

14/12/2017 :

We battled Michael Aymon for three years on similar allegations, however, the prosecutor Marie-Line Voirol Revaz told the police to stop investigating, and blocked the case. After three years they made it perfectly clear they had no intention of prosecuting and we had to either settle, or continue to accrue massive legal bills.

In June 2017, Michael Aymon settled and paid approximately US$10,000 as a settlement. He did not however put a confidentiality clause in the agreement.

Only months later Michael Aymon and his brother were in jail.

His website is here : Michael Aymon and note the below  matches that of the news article which follows.

Maitre Michael Aymon at desk
Maitre Michael Aymon at his desk

And a screenshot of the first news article in french

Maitre Michael Aymon
Did this lawyer Michael Aymon use intimidation?
Michael Aymon accused of threatening his brothers alleged rape victims
Michael Aymon accused of threatening his brother's alleged rate rape victims
Michael Aymon already had a criminal record for assaulting a police officer
Michael Aymon already had a criminal record for assaulting a police officer