Geneva Police Brutality

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French Vice-Consul: Geneva Police beat Frenchman every week

Article about Lonely Planet saying Swiss police guilty of racially profiling

The French Vice-Consul in Geneva called me by telephone in June 2015 in response to a letter from my father regarding my torture and sexual abuse by police in Valais.

During that discussion the Vice-Consul informed me that:

"There is an incident of police brutality against a French national every (other) week in Geneva. It's had to find a word to describe the Swiss police.
Perhaps 'hard'?
Last week there was an incident with a French man, who claimed to have been severely beaten by the Swiss police in Geneva.
Yes, he called the French Embassy.
Yes a doctor could confirm he was indeed black and blue all over.
However, the Swiss police in Geneva claimed that he beat himself in order to frame them for police brutality and they had five police provide a sworn statement to that effect."

Switzerland and the judiciary are so corrupt, every single actor: police, prosecutors, lawyers and judges all conspire to obstruct justice, provide false witness, conceal evidence and basically lie about everything.

If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, they will tear your life apart.

What lovely people the Swiss are.

Lovely, racist and violent.