Prosecutor Catherine Seppey

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Procureur Catherine Seppey (District Attorney or Public Prosecutor)
District Attorney Catherine Seppey

Procureur (Public Prosecutor or District Attorney )

(Mobile: +41 79.444.2570)

An old friend of my partner, I never got the feeling she liked me much. Being "friends" with my partner, we attended her 40th birthday party. Obviously there were loads of police and other public prosecutors there. My partner tells me that she constantly warned her against trusting me and even tried to convince her to have my parental authority taken away -- just in case. If your partner tried to do that, you'd leave them right? I think that goes a long way to explaining malicious intent on her behalf against me. She never came to visit our baby daughter, didn't even send a single message after her birth, until after I was in prison. Then, someone called "CatSepp" in my partner's phone directory sent a chilling birthday greeting to my partner, saying "Happy birthday, have a great day with your daughter". It's the only message she ever sent. That's creepy, she knew me, knew I was the father, knew I had been framed for murder, but yet in her birthday greeting "left me out of the picture". I cannot be sure it's the same person, but whoever sent that message, had to know.

Text Message from someone called CatSep in phone directory

This is conjecture, but come on, it doesn't smell right does it?

Anyway, apparently Catherine Seppey didn't like the fact I was separated and divorcing with children.

Which is heavily ironic because I once heard a story, and I don't know if it's really true, about someone called "Catherine S" breaking up the marriage of her secretary, who also had children, and moving in with the secretary's ex-husband. It's a pretty cold heart that steals their employees partner, because you just tore their life up: they lose their job, their partner, and they are then alone with children unemployed. Yeah anyone who does that has to be psycho-pathological. But like I said, I don't know who did that, I just heard is was someone called "Catherine S".

Then as if things were't already bad enough for the kids, the man who walked out on his wife and kids died.

Anyway, like I said, Swiss people are pretty cruel; they seem to enjoy torturing and tormenting people; and the Swiss who join the police and prosecutors office are the cruelest and most sadistic of them all: they abuse their absolute power, running around doing totally immoral stuff like that, while contemporaneously judging the rest of humanity.