Procureur Marie-Line Voirol Revaz

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District Attorney Marie-Line Voirol Revaz
District Attorney Marie-Line Voirol Revaz

Protected Perp While He Attacked Her Witness

Q: Which prosecutor summons witnesses, then allows the perpetrator to attack their families?

A: An extremely stupid, monumentally obtuse, bumbling damn idiot; that's who!

Please allow me to introduce District Attorney Marie-Line Voirol Revaz. Check out those teeth!

It's difficult to judge if she is more stupid or ugly; perhaps the truth is: CORRUPT

She summoned my partner as state's witness against Maitre Michael Aymon in a case of aggravated assault and robbery. She then stood idly by as Maitre Michael Aymon attacked my partner by accusing her of being a drunkard and reporting us to child protection not one, but three times, then offering a settlement whereby he would retract if we did too. That sounds a lot like coercion, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering to me, but incredibly District Attorney Marie-Line Voirol Revaz then pressured the 70 year old victim of the assault and robbery to retract his complaint.

IRONY ALERT: Michael Aymon has two prior convictions for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) and attempting to flee; plus one conviction for assault of a police officer. Yet the prosecutor protected him.

Almost four years on, she has yet to prosecute Maitre Michael Aymon.

My partner was terrified that by my speaking out and naming this Valais prosecutor here on my website, she will be treated unfairly in the upcoming case.

I know corruption is a foregone conclusion in Valais, Switzerland so I say : I'll publish the details of this case to show, after two years, even the most basic police investigation never took place, and in the file is a note from the prosecutor herself instructing the police to cease interviewing witnesses.

Despite this my partner was repeatedly summoned in her capacity as a witness, accused of lying, despite the fact the investigation was not actually taking place.

Allow me to explain, with a bit of Gonzo Journalism, a term first coined by that literary legend Hunter S. Thompson.

Effectively the Swiss police in Valais were already engaged in "Witness Intimidation" of their own witness. It is therefore to be expected that they would double down with collective punishment (punishing my partner for my actions) and perversion of the course of justice (protecting a violent criminal).

My partner was called as STATE'S WITNESS to an alleged aggravated assault and robbery that occurred on 27 December 2014 outside our residence. She was summoned to give written testimony, along with two other witnesses against the perpetrator Maitre Michael Aymon who was eventually jailed on charges including obstruction, incitement to false witness, assault, fraud, coercion; his brother stands accused of four rapes of women under twenty years old. Read about that here.

On April 28 2015 I was falsely accused of, and arrested for murder. Suddenly, the police flipped on her and started accusing her of lying. Despite there being the two aforementioned other corroborating witnesses.

As she was my alibi for the spurious murder charge, placing me elsewhere at the time of death, pressuring her to retract her witness testimony would be extremely damaging to her credibility. It may well have been grounds enough to re-arrest me. The Swiss police never had any proof what-so-ever in the first place, and they did attempt to both delete a suicide note from my mobile phone & torture a confession to murder, including threats of water-boarding and actual sexual humiliation.

In fact a depressed friend I knew from working in London circa 1999, with ten years history of mental illness took an overdose of prescription medication and hung himself in my flat. He came to Switzerland from the UK to take a job as "Senior Systems Administrator" at none other than prestigious Swiss bank "Credit Suisse". Some people have read my story and commented that police can be tough on "fringe dwellers". I came to Switzerland for a job at JPMorgan. Moving on.

During several interviews at the police station, having been summoned regarding the case "Aymon vs Schollenberger" the police, specifically Inspecteur Sylvain Maret attempted to question her about my case, my whereabouts, and why I wasn't answering my telephone.

They attempted to detain her, whilst Inspector Fabien Fontannaz was called, who wanted to return my clothing seized at the time of my arrest, without the correct paperwork.

This was August 2015, and in May the prosecutor had stated it was all a bit of a mistake and he'd soon close the file. Yet three months later, they are still pressuring my partner about me, trying to circumvent my lawyer. It felt ominous and left me with a sense of forebodimg. I was seeing a psychiatrist and had been diagnosed with PTSD. Were they trying to crack me totally?

I wrote to my lawyer, to tell the police for at least the third time "everything goes through my lawyer".

Police detain and question my partner about my case after summoning her on another matter

Of course, my lawyer Maitre Philippe Loretan really works for the police, so the important fact that the police were harassing my partner after summoning her on an unrelated matter, or tried to force her to accept my belongings seized 4 months prior during my arrest, was left out of his letter, and hence out of the investigative dossier.

He says in his letter "the police contacted her" but they summoned her on an unrelated matter, and once she was there interrogated her in the police station about my case without a lawyer present. After being told many times to cease and desist.

My final lawyer Maitre Pierre Bayenet determined this to be a key element proving harassment, and he added it back in some months later.

Here is Maitre Philippe Loretan's email :

Loretan omits fact police harassing my partner, only refers to me, dishonest

So, Prosecutor Marie-Line Voirol Revaz allowed police under her command to overlap "Aymon vs Schollenberger" with my murder case, and harass my partner, after they had been repeatedly warned to back off. Remember on 23 May 2015 they had said my murder charge was all a big mistake and they would "soon drop the charges and Inspecteur Fabien Fontannaz would be severely reprimanded".

Of course in Switzerland they threaten your children if you dare to even raise your voice. The next thing we knew Maitre Michael Aymon, accused of aggravated assault and robbery, whom my partner was summoned as a witness against, was reporting us to child protection, not once but three times, beginning 17 September, 2015.

Somebody internal leaked him the file so each time child protection decided the case was "low priority", Maitre Aymon was informed and wrote another letter saying batshit crazy stuff like "Take that child away while she is still breathing". It is clear there was a leak due to the content of his letters making reference to the child protection internal file. Helping a criminal attack a witness against them, in order to have said witness retract their testimony is perversion of the course of justice, is it not?

On top of all that, around this time we received another summons to appear at the police station. The accused was now suing for defamation. Problem was, it arrived on a Saturday, was dated 7 days earlier, and the appearance was less than 48 hours away on a Monday, leaving us no time to notify our lawyer, much less bring him, or even change the date.

In the end, early 2017, the Swiss prosecutor summoned my partner back all the way from Australia to tell her they were not interested in prosecuting Maitre Aymon, the man accused of violent robbery, and pressured her to reach a settlement with him. She had no choice Swiss justice is corrupt and they were protecting a violent criminal. It was at this point we realised no investigation had been undertaken. The file was empty. The prosecutor had no questions. My partner was summoned from halfway around the world to be told "make a settlement".

They could have done that by phone. But the tactic is to drag it all out, wear you down. Justice delayed is justice denied, ergo there is no justice in Switzerland!

So how does a state call someone as a witness, then allow, and probably aide, the accused to attack the state witness and their children?

When its a messed up totalitarian fascist state like Switzerland.

That, my dear reader is Swiss justice.

You evil Swiss animals, I hope your children die slow painful deaths from terminal diseases and you get to watch, helpless.

I'll be having popcorn.