Frederic Gisler (LL.D) Doctor of Laws, University of Fribourg

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Don Frederic Gisler

Obstruction of Justice & Evidence Tampering
Torturer & Sexual Pervert: Photos of my Penis Under Duress

Either Doctor Frederic Gisler has no idea what his own book is about and it is in fact a load of nonsense he made up in a vain attempt to sound intellectually more clever than he really is; or he intentionally obstructed justice, concealed and destroyed evidence in his own murder case in an attempt to make a trumped up murder charge "stick" to an innocent man who reported a suicide. It also gave him the pretext to strip me naked twice, and photograph me naked twice, including close up photos of my penis "to prove me innocent of murder".

Does that sound utterly stupid or depraved or what?

The innocent man Gisler tortured was me, and I have a bone to pick with "Doctor" Frederic Gisler.

The title "Don" would be more appropriate for Frederic Gisler, because his tactics are more akin to mafiosa than proper law enforcement investigative procedures, such as those he outlines in his book.

Perhaps Don Frederic Gisler hired a ghost writer?

Are Doctorates from the University of Fribourg worth the paper they are printed on?

These would appear to be very pertinent questions.

District Attorney Frederic Gisler (LL.D)  is a Doctor of Laws from Fribourg University ( #unifr ) Law Faculty (@ius_fribourg ) who conspired with police under his control, notably Inspector Fabien Fontannaz  to CONCEAL AND DESTROY EVIDENCE in a MURDER INVESTIGATION.

The evidence in question was a SUICIDE NOTE which my friend had sent me via mobile phone text message (SMS).

District Attorney Frederic Gisler's motivation in concealing that evidence was that it gave him a reason to say my dear friend Oscar's suicide was "inexplicable" as there was "no suicide note" and use enhanced interrogation techniques on (torture) me for 24 hours, including sexual humiliation akin to that experienced by detainees at Abu Ghraib during which the now infamous photos of Lynndie England were taken. Whether he seriously expected me to confess to murder, or was merely having a little fun, it's hard to say. Fabien Fontannaz certainly seemed to be enjoying himself while toying with me.

Frederic Gisler wrote a book on international police cooperation in the fight against organised crime (Google Books | Librairie la

La coopération policière internationale de la Suisse en matière de lutte contre la criminalité organisée, Gisler, Frederic, SHULTHESS, Zurich 2009
La coopération policière internationale de la Suisse en matière de lutte contre la criminalité organisée, Gisler, Frederic, SCHULTHESS, Zurich 2009

Ironically, a law professor from his alma mater Professor Pascal Pichonnaz (@PPichonnaz #PascalPichonnaz) is a visiting professor at Georgetown University (@Georgetown #GeorgetownLaw #Georgetown), Washington DC in the United States of America who took part in a conference on . Read the Tweet publicizing the event from the Swiss Embassy in the US here. In case you missed it, the irony is of course that the Swiss cannot seem to apply their own basic human rights law. What theatre therefore to put up this facade of being so concerned with law and justice when torture isn't even criminalised and their police have a special name for it : "forcing".

Nicolas von Werdt, the President of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court‘s 2nd Civil Law Chamber was present amongst other judges although one is left wondering, why this performance?

The reason is simple enough; the Swiss like to show the world a facade of civility. A puritanical sort of civility, whereby the Swiss and everything they do is beyond reproach. However, one need only scratch the surface to uncover their true nature of racism and hatred. Just consider for a moment the fact that 70% of the prison population is made up of foreign nationals and weigh that against the reason the Swiss give: that Swiss people are inherently law abiding; and foreigners are thus more criminal than the domestic population. Wait a minute, SEVENTY PERCENT? Actually, it's 77% when foreigners serving custodial sentences of less than six months are taken into consideration. How could that be possible, how could one rationally explain a 77% foreign prison population any other way than by the term "Swiss racism"?

One need only research puritanism, the idea that we are ordained at birth to be either saved or condemned; then again weigh that against the fact the Swiss police stated my white, catholic, fourth generation Swiss partner wasn't a "real Swiss" because of her name. Clearly, that's a veiled reference to DNA; lineage. So if someone doesn't have the right family name, the right lineage, the correct DNA, one cannot be a "real Swiss". A real Swiss who is less prone to criminality than anyone who isn't a "real Swiss" - which is everybody else on the planet.

Honestly, can any other conclusion be drawn? The nicest way I can think to put it is "confirmation bias". When the Swiss police see a "not real Swiss" or even worse perhaps a "foreigner" they automatically pre-suppose that individual to be guilty of something based solely on the fact they are a foreigner; but I digress...

Back to District Attorney, Doctor of Laws Procureur Frederic Gisler; one must assume he knew precisely what he was doing, when instructing both the police AND the coroner to take samples from my penis. He was in the next room when his henchman Inspecteur Fabien Fontannaz interrogated me, and demanded I submit to a naked medical exam in a room full of people, of both genders, and allow his police photographer to take extreme close ups photos of my penis; that despite his doctor saying there were no anomalies to photograph. No, his photographer when questioned responded that the photos were necessary to disprove the police hypothesis that I murdered someone by sodomizing them to death. Never mind that there was no medical evidence the deceased was sodomized or had taken part in any form of sexual intercourse, anal or otherwise and one begins to get a picture of just how sexually depraved and sadistic the Swiss, or at lease their police and prosecutors, even highly educated members of that group, actually are.

Frederic Gisler (and the duty lawyer Johann Fumeaux) maintains that this was all consensual. However, his henchman Inspector Fabien Fontannaz and another, threatened me with waterboarding if I did not submit to their every demand moments before they allowed the duty lawyer to enter the interrogation room. During the interrogation Inspector Fabien Fontannaz left the room to consult with Frederic Gisler at least twice; I know he was consulting with Gisler because the duty lawyer told me that Gisler was right outside the interrogation room when he arrived, no doubt watching a CCTV feed of proceedings.

Frederic Gisler instructed his sadistic police and oversaw their acts of inhuman treatment led by Inspector Fabien Fontannaz at Martigny police station, while I was denied water, access to a toilet, consular access, and a lawyer for nine hours.

I was forced to undergo a traumatic medical exam in an interrogation room at the police station, which was filmed on CCTV and photographed by a police photographer, while the coroner took SIX painful samples under duress from my penis in a room full of people, against my will. Fabien Fontannaz and the others all stood and gawked.

This woman who was sent to take the samples, stated clearly to the police that "there we no marks on my genitals consistent with rough sex, rape, sodomy or otherwise". Frederic Gisler's police simply stated, in that case, they needed close up photographs of my genitalia to prove to the judge that their own theory of a rough sex game strangulation type murder had NOT indeed taken place. It's all rather Kafkaesque.

Frederic Gisler was on the other side of the door while I was threatened with waterboarding and sexually humiliated, under his instructions.

Indeed Procureur Frederic Gisler oversaw my torture and sexual humiliation personally.

That's the kind of people who Swiss police are, and importantly, the kind of people Swiss universities train, or in this particular case, Fribourg University.

They are the worst of the worst of humanity.

Frederic Gisler will be held accountable for his crimes when my case reaches the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.

In the interim, his publisher appears to have removed his book, and scrubbed any and all reference to it. Could this be the start of karma?

Previously it was available here :