Swiss Police enjoy making 8 month old baby girls suffer

Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/20/2017 - 10:55

Let's talk about Swiss police hurting 8 month old babies

The Swiss police, notably Inspector Fabien Fontannaz held my partner, whilst she cradled our 8 month old baby girl in her arms, in the freezing cold standing in the garden outside my house for an hour around 8pm. I didn't know she was there, I was being interrogated inside.

Then, suddenly they escorted me outside and said

"How about you wait outside while we question your partner inside where it's warm. You wouldn't want your little baby to be left outside in the cold now would you?"

How evil is that? Big tough Swiss policemen leave 8 month old babies to freeze so they can keep warm.

Clearly they knew exactly what they were doing, making our newborn baby girl suffer in the cold; rubbing my face in it highlights this fact, they did it to "apply pressure". If you are prepared to hurt an 8 month old baby girl to apply pressure to someone you are human trash. It's not really a stretch to imagine they would murder me and orphan my daughter just because they are racist sadistic monsters the devil himself blew breath into.

Swiss police think they are tough & macho: carry a gun, make a mother & newborn baby suffer in the cold, nothing but sadistic evil animals.

The Swiss are a disgrace, a blight upon humanity.

Swiss police torture 8 month old baby girls.

Please remmber to treat the next Swiss person you see the way they treat others.