Psychology of Swiss Cruelty

Submitted by admin on Sun, 06/12/2016 - 07:28

My brain is still struggling to come to terms with the idea that someone can hate so much, without actually knowing you at all, that they try to take your child away for no good reason.


If the Swiss gain feelings of self worth, and feel "strong" by making a poor little baby girl suffer, I cannot think of any act that sickens me more than that.

First, during my interrogation after I discovered a friend's body after an apparent suicide, they held our 9 month old baby girl in the cold for an hour without my knowing, then made a joke about it when they took me outside to see mother cradling baby crying from cold.

Second, after my lawyer tipped the Swiss police off that I was filing suit for inhumane treatment, torture and sexual abuse, they protected a lawyer we were state's witness against in a case of aggravated assault and robbery, a man with a criminal record for assaulting a police officer, while he reported us to child protection in an attempt to coerce us to drop our testimony. Instead of prosecuting him for making false statements, they investigated us, and leaked the file from that investigation to him, so he repeatedly reported us, using false witnesses. We had to flee for our lives.

That lawyer is now in jail on charges of coercion, obstruction, witness intimidation and fraud; he allegedly threatened the families, friends and alleged underage rape victims of his brother.

Oh the irony of a prosecutor protecting a serial child rapist and his lawyer brother who pretended to care about children, while it appears his brother was busy raping them.

The Swiss make ISIS look like boy scouts; ISIS actually tell you they'll chop your head off. The Swiss pretend to be honourable and righteous yet -- they get off on torturing baby girls.

Think about that the next time you meet someone Swiss and they pretend to be civilised and shake your hand.