Swiss Deport Single Mother, Keep her baby

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/22/2015 - 00:56

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Young single mother, abandoned by the father of her child, raises the infant for 3 years on her own, at which point the Swiss "temporarily" revoked her parental authority, then deported her and gave her child to the father. None of the family are Swiss.

The Swiss public prosecutor in Valais claimed the reason for taking such action was because her work permit expired, however after two years of emotionnally devastating separation from her child, the young woman won an appeal in Swiss federal court. The Swiss federal judge ruled that the revocation of her parental authority was a violation of her rights, and was a step taken not in the interests of the child, but for the sole purpose of deporting her without her child.

It could be argued then that Swiss racist monsters take sadistic pleasure in torturing their fellow man.

In my case, we were being set up for similar treatment, they had already opened an "investigation" with child protection against us. Of course, if you're in Switzerland and not actually (the right kind of) Swiss, we now know that "investigations" are more often than not actually "witch hunts".