Swiss Police : Illegal Entry

Submitted by admin on Fri, 04/29/2016 - 02:13

After refusing to say when I could return to my own house, on the 18th of June the Public Prosecutor finally wrote my a condescending letter saying it had been released in May and I could find the keys with such and such a person working at the town hall.

Imagine my shock when I find a week after I was notified, and a month after the seals on my house were lifted, the police returned their to remove my equipment and transport it to my lawyer. The very day I went to recover the keys, I couldn't because the police had them, and were at my house.


a) police entered my house after seals were lifted; they had no right to do that

b) I filed a complaint, they concocted a story whereby they were "accompanied" by a Lay Magistrate in charge of the affairs of the deceased. Their convoluted story makes it sorta legal, but also a farce, utterly nonsensical, considering they claim to be over worked -- and here they created a lot of work for themselves.

c) This feels like a demonstration to me that they act with impunity and have an entire disregard for proper prosecure.