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From: Phil Rousseau <>
Date: 08/05/2015 06:01PM
Subject: UN torture investigation of Switzerland

Good afternoon,

I noticed the following article about the UN investigating Switzerland for torture.

I was arrested on 28 April, when a depressed friend committed suicide in my house. They stripped me entirely naked, twice, and insisted they take close up photographs of my genitals to "prove my innocence" (ie humiliate me) and I was refused access to the toilet or drinking water until I signed their forms stating I didn't need an interpreter and I had been "well treated".

Finally, the police inspectors threatened to "waterboard" me if I persisted in refusing, and refused me access to a lawyer as well as consular access.

The police threatened to jail my partner, who was my alibi, unless she changed her story to say she was not with me. When she refused, they further threatened her with prison if she breathed a word to the media -- she is a journalist. They made those threats while she was holding an 8 month old baby on her knee, knowing full well that putting her into custody would therefore result in that child being taken into the care of social services.

If you want a witness, I'd be more than happy to appear before your tribunal to give a first hand account of both the wantonness and extreme depravity of the the Swiss police.


Phil Rousseau