Judge Gregory Martinetti

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Olympic Wrestler Turned Judge Gregory Martinetti
Judge Gregory Martinetti

Seriously, who makes an Olympic Wrestler a Judge?

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Judge Gregory Martinetti is a lawyer, former Olympian and communal judge who obviously went soft in the head after biting the mat one time too many cos he never won anything in his whole career.

He heads up the child protection authority BUT he allowed a man we were state's witness against in a violent robbery to report us to child protection THREE TIMES.

At the time that man Michael Aymon had two prior convictions for drunk driving (DUI) and trying to flee the police plus a criminal record for assaulting a police officer. He was eventually jailed pending trial for obstruction, coercion and intimidation against his brother's FOUR ALLEGED RAPE VICTIMS. His brother allegedly drugged and raped underage girls.

You can read Judge Gregory Martinetti's Wikipedia profile in french here and his olympic.org profile here.

Alternatively, if you want to laugh until you cry, go read what he has to say about being a judge on the website of his political party Parti Libéral-Radical.

Martinetti never amounted to much in the sports arena, and his professional performance does not seem to have improved since he became a judge.

Please allow me to explain.

The "juge de commune" is in charge of the Child Protection Agency (APEA) which you can read about here.

Second paragraph from bottom reads "Enfin, le juge de commune est membre de plein droit de l'autorité de protection de l'enfant et de l'adulte (autorité tutélaire inférieure)." which says "the juge de commune is a part of the child protection authority".

Remember Maitre Michael Aymon reported us repeatedly to child protection starting August 2015? Well we had been called by District Attorney Marie-Line Viorol Revaz as state's witness against Michael Aymon regarding an alleged aggravated assault and robbery which took place on 27 December 2014.

The Child Protection Agency, and by extension Judge Gregory Martinetti didn't recognise coercion, witness tampering and obstruction of justice occurring right under his nose because Judge Gregory Martinetti allowed an investigation to be opened against us.

The good judge issued a summons to my previous address, after I had already left the country and announced my departure to the authorities (that would be him). He neglected to send a copy of said summons to my attorney Maitre Jonathan Luethi, whilst my adversaries Maitre Pierre-Andre Veuthey & Maitre Amadine Francey had simply ignored my attorney.

The objective was probably to hold the hearing without me, so I would be unable to offer up any legal argument or defence, and to impose a stiff financial penalty.
On top of my murder charges, this was "death by a thousand cuts"

Judge Gregory Martinetti was called upon by Maitre Pierre-Andre Veuthey and Maitre Amadine Francey to arbitrate in a dispute over a bill.

He must have known we had left the country two years earlier, because of the aforementioned Child Protection Agency investigation opened against us.

Perhaps he's just incompetent like the rest of the inhabitants of Switzerland claim to be (while denying allegations of corruption), or corrupt and malicious, because it's banana republic type behaviour to summon someone by sending said summons to their previous address. Doubly so when they have filled out official forms stating they left the country, as I did. His summons even said if I was not resident, I did not have to appear. Judge Gregory Martinetti had my forwarding address, I already had a lawyer, and I notified him I had left the country. Yet he summoned me at my previous address. It makes a mockery of the Swiss legal system.

I pointed this out to my lawyer Maitre Bernard Delaloye, but he only said "Well, you have now acknowledged receipt, so you've admitted you've got the summons and you have to appear. However, you replied too late and missed the cutoff date, we cannot ask for a date change." You can read more about Maitre Delaloye on his own page.

It's also generally accepted as foul play to issue a summons, which is as I am sure you are aware, a legal document, to some other third party and consider it delivered. I wasn't there to sign for it, somebody else did. That's Swiss justice for you; they summon you after you leave the country then hold a "Kangaroo Court" - bring on that old reliable pedophile Rolf Harris (the Swiss would love him, they love all pedos) to Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport.

I could go on and say, that since I had already requested arbitration, using a lawyer by the name of Maitre Jonathan Luethi, that sending a summons to my previous address, allowing someone else to sign for it, and trying to stage a kangaroo court in absentia, makes the Swiss legal system into a joke.

The Judge knows the summons goes to my attorney. I guess it slipped him mind right?

My lawyer Maitre Bernard Delaloye was refusing to show me core elements of my case againt Maitre Pierre-Andre Veuthey and Maitre Amadine Francey; when I pressed him, suddenly the judge found out about my website, and threatened me in the letter below.

Judge Gregory Martinetti threatens me to close this website "or else"

Shockingly, my lawyer refused me a copy of that threat of criminal sanction, and resigned his commission rather than hand it over.

Maitre Delaloye resigns, refuses further communication, refuses me my file

I had to get another lawyer, Maitre Pierre Bayenet, and threaten Maitre Bernard Delaloye to hand over my own file, and copies of critical time sensitive information. He then threatened me with a criminal complaint if I did not retract my threat and apologise.

My email :

Email to Delaloye to deliver my file within 5 days or I report him to bar association

So, finally Maitre Delaloye's threat :

Delaloye refuses again to send me the letter from Judge Martinetti

I refused to apologise and told him I am waiting for him to make good upon his threat to sue in 5 working days; I have yet to receive a reply.

I dare you to pursue criminal charges

I suspect they all banded together, and didn't want their backroom deal ending up on my website.

You just can't make this stuff up.