Swiss Declare War on Australian People and Our Values

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Swiss prosecutor:


Imagine the public prosecutor orders you to testify as a witness, under threat of going to jail, then assists the person he compelled you to testify against, to legally counter sue and report you to child protection?

Must be some tinpot dictatorship in Africa right?

No it is NAZI bloody Switzerland

Cowardly Swiss use police state laws to cruelly tear foreign families apart, arbitrarily applying the law like sadistic racist NAZIS.

Swiss prosecutor declared my innocence in May 2015, but continued to pursue me.

He held my house until end of June 2015.

He held my clothing until end of August 2015.

A child protection investigation was opened against us in August 2015, based on evidence from a man my partner was subpoenaed to be a witness against in a criminal assault case.

After my murder charges, the police suddenly flipped the whole case around and supported this man. They accused her of lying, and applied pressure on her to recant, in order to discredit her as a witness and throw me back in prison -- my partner was my alibi.

Then the public prosecutor did somerhing incredible. After months of investigation, she approached the victim, who was hospitalised with a gash to the head from a steel snow shovel, and urged him to drop his complaint!

My partner tried to avoid becoming embroiled in that affair but the public prosecutor compelled her to, against her will. 

The police repeatedly summoned her to the police station, regarding the criminal assault she bore witness to, in order to interrogate her about my case, to try to force her to accept my clothing which they seized (thereby avoiding a paper trail proving they left me naked in the cold at 5 degrees celsius) and demand to know my present whereabouts.

I had a lawyer, and he had repeatedly stated the police were to cease and desist from their harassment and all of their questions were to go through him. The police illegally continued to pressure her about my case.

Details of the child protection case were leaked to this defendent in the criminal assault case, allowing him to follow the investigation and report us a total of three times. He wrote such things as "Please take their child away while she is still breathing!". Such leaks are a violation of the data protection act and highly illegal, criminal acts.

Worse, the public prosecutor denied her access to her own file, while granting access to the defendant accused of  aggravated assault.

The public prosecutor also violated the principle of linearity; a legal claim must be fully investigated before any subsequent counter claim.

My partner sued for defamation yet the public prosecutor began processing her opponents counter claim first.This is straight up corruption and perversion of the course of justice. By a public prosecutor no less!

During this time, we received a summons to appear, backdated one week, on a Saturday : the result being we were summoned to appear first thing on a Monday with no possibility of contacting our lawyer, let alone bring him. The period within which to move the appointment had expired prior to delivery due to the fact the summons was back dated one week.

When we contacted our lawyer he shouted "It's an ambush! Don't go! A summons must be sent by registered letter, and as I am your attorney, it should have been sent to me! They have no authority to act this way!"

The Swiss police in the Canton of Valais are evil, cruel, corrupt, racist criminals.

The only way to describe a state bringing their full force down upon an innocent person, an innocent foreign family, one whom they have already admitted was falsely accused and indeed innocent is : A declaration of war.

Let us, the Australian people, who believe in a "Fair Go", declare a war upon their institutions and civilian population.

I urge you to treat the Swiss in our country with the utter indifference to their dignity and wellbeing as they treat Australians in theirs.

Boxing Kangaroo

Switzerland is a neutral country with a negligible air force, no navy
If they decide to torture Australian nationals, frame them for murder and try to steal their children, using state aparatus, they could really upset someone eventually. Because to me, that sounds a lot like terrorism.
I feel terrorised by the government of the Swiss canton of Valais.
What if civilised countries around the world start treating Swiss nationals the same way?
Because if I were Swiss, I'd want to know the answer, while my government was belligerently posturing about their superiority and terrorising foreign nationals.

How about a little civil disobedience towards Swiss nationals. We don't need to resort to their fascist tactics, just block them on AirBnB for a start. Disrupt their business in your country. Wreck their holiday travel plans with bad faith. Keep it legal, but let them know if they torture innocent Aussies, don't expect a warm welcome in Australia.

I abhor violence, however, if you attempt to hurt my children, unprovoked, I will not be concerned by how many of your children are harmed as collateral damage while I am defending my family.
If you manage to hurt, kill or kidnap my child -- you don't want to know my response.
What is the matter with people?
Why did the Swiss try to take our little girl away?
What's wrong with you savages?
Don't you see, I will die defending my children.
Any man who wouldn't is not really a man.