Who, What, Where, When & Why

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This is my true story of torture and sexual humiliation by Swiss police in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland.

In April 2015 I was falsely accused of murder by the Swiss police in the canton of Valais.

I was denied water, use of a toilet, legal counsel and consular access, while I was tortured to confess, threatened with waterboarding, stripped naked and photographed twice, forced to undergo medical procedures in three separate locations, sleep deprived and jailed for 24 hours in a cel with a smoker -- I am asthmatic and the police seized my ventolin.

When the Swiss police let me go, they seized my house for two whole months as evidence. They searched my girlfriend's house from top to bottom and threatened to "wreck the place" while my partner was holding our 8-month-old baby girl.

They seized my computers and mobile phones and tablets for a month, almost ruining my MBA and destroying my fledgling business because they ignored my repeated requests for at least a copy of my servers so I could continue to work and study.

A month later they said it was all a mistake yet they even kept the clothes they seized off my back for four months, began to harass my partner, summoned her to demand to know my whereabouts despite my lawyer having repeatedly told them : all communication was to come through him.

Finally, in September 2015 the Swiss opened a child protection investigation against us to take our baby girl, and so we fled to Australia.

They still haven't stopped, the prosecutor officially dropped the murder charge in March 2016 (after I sued for loss of earnings) yet the same police and prosecutor who tortured me, summoned me to return from Australia 'to answer some questions' about my alleged mistreatment.

Can you imagine a policeman and prosecutor accused of torture, actually investigating themselves?

I refused to go, and those questions turned up three months later : a copy of my tax return & cash flow statements. Even if I had returned from Australia, I would have had to double back to get those, and of course the Swiss already had them anyway. It was a ruse to get me back and torture me until I retracted my complaint.

September 2016, the public prosecutor refused 90% of my damages claim, including the fees of my Amnesty International lawyer.

November 2016, one year after my initial complaint, I received a reply to my human rights abuse claim :
"Why did you wait six months to lodge it?"
I went through four lawyers who ran me from pillar to post, charging $300/hour, who each refused to file my complaint in the end.
One may rightly ask, "Why did a state wait one year to reply to a claim of serious human rights abuse?"
Answer: To bury it.


We are here faced by fascists – not just their calculated brutality,
but their belief that they are superior
to every single one of us who is not Swiss.
They hold us in contempt.
They hold our values in contempt.
They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt.

Since my early childhood I accompanied my mother (read about her here) to the "Pacific Islands Monthly (PIM) Lunch" -- a luncheon of journos who covered stories in the south pacific.  The "Five W's" are the currency of modern journalism; they are questions that need to be answered in order to inform the public about a given topic.

Who : The Swiss in general, specifically the executive branch of their judicial system, the public prosecutor and the police. They are xenophobic, puritanical, sadistic, evil and sexually perverted.

What : Sexual abuse and torture of innocent foreigners to extract confessions to serious crimes such as murder.
Swiss police specifically target foreigners, who make up 74% of their jail population. To give you an idea of why that it unlikely to be a naturally occurring figure, in the UK that figure is around 12%.

If you have any doubt, go and get it from the horse's mouth, the Swiss government proudly publish these stats on their website here (download PDF).

Where : In the canton of Valais, described by Amnesty International Switzerland as a "banana republic where justice is impossible and every actor covers the next, your lawyer, in fact, works for the public prosecutor and will never defy him"

When : In my case, April 2015, but the French Consulate told me "There are new cases every week"

Why : Draconian laws, arbitrarily applied by the police and public prosecutor, who typically target foreign nationals with their extraordinary powers. The fact that torture is not criminalised makes it exceptionally easy for them to get away with appalling treatment of innocent "suspects" who typically confess under extreme stress and duress to crimes they never committed.

In my case, I was threatened with physical violence, denied a lawyer, denied drinking water, and the use of a toilet for 9 hours. When I didn't crack after all that, they threatened to waterboard me if I did not submit to being stripped and photographed naked; allowing them to take close up photos of my penis; allowing them to take painful skin samples from the end of my penis, performed by a woman in a room full of people at the police station; give DNA, fingerprint, blood, urine and hair samples for analysis.

Even after such an ordeal, the Swiss police continued to hound me and my family. Due to the lack of oversight or any possibility of making a complaint against police brutality, all the sadists, racists, perverts and paedophiles join the police force and public prosecutors office.

While simultaneously saying they would soon close the investigation, they began harassing our family.

An inquiry was opened by child protection and they tried to take our little baby girl.

This is not a case of a simple mistake. The Swiss state set out to destroy our family.

They do it regularly, 72% criminals are foreign.

Swiss police pick off foreigners one by one, and there is no effective defence; I was a sitting duck.